Load Rating
Vertical lifts are mechanically designed to lift a larger load. The extra cables and pulleys allow a greater load to be placed on the vertical design. Pier Pleasure offers cantilever lifts up to a 4000# load rating. Beyond a 4000# load, Pier Pleasure recommends a vertical lift.

Water Depth
Vertical lifts are designed to lift the load in shallow water as well as deep water. Cantilever lifts become difficult to crank in shallow water. If you have less than 30″ of water, a vertical lift is recommended.

Water Fluctuation
If your water fluctuates frequently throughout the summer, you will greatly benefit from a vertical lift. The greater range of lifting height allows the vertical to operate in shallow and deep water. You will not need to move the vertical lift as the water fluctuates throughout the summer.

Wave Clearance and Lifting Height
All of Pier Pleasure’s vertical lifts have 66″ of lifting height. This height will allow you to raise your boat high out of the water for big wave lakes. Cantilever lifts will not raise a boat as high as the vertical lifts.

Lift Cost
The vertical lift has more cables and pulleys than a cantilever lift. Also, the vertical lift has additional aluminum material. The extra cables, pulleys, and aluminum are the reasons for vertical lift costing $400 – $600 more than a cantilever lift.