Customer Support



We cannot take set appointments; numerous times during the spring and fall season we have to change our schedule the morning of service due to wind, equipment issues, etc.

Late Ice Out- scheduling will be adjusted to accommodate as many requests as possible; please prepare that some may not be fulfilled. Flexibility is greatly appreciated in this situation.

We prefer the use of our online request form.  Contact by phone or email is also accepted to provide service.


Installation Season- Ice out- June 15th

Service Calls during installation season are $200; Regular service call is $125. Please plan ahead and schedule any equipment repair or maintenance prior to ice out in the spring.

Removal Season- August 15th-October 31st
Requests received after we are finished on a lake fall under the 50% surcharge policy below. We always attempt to contact our customers we have not heard from prior to the last/only trip to lake.


CANOPY INSTALLATION & REMOVAL: Special trips (any trip not at the time of dock/lift service) to install or remove a canopy are $125. At the time of regular service, $75 (for vinyl less than or equal to 26′).

WET CANOPIES: Every fall we run into several rainy days and mornings with condensation, resulting in wet canopies. If we are scheduled remove and leave your canopy but it is wet at removal, it will automatically be brought back to be cleaned and then stored ($100 for canopy up to 26′ or $125 for larger than 26′).

WIND & WEATHER: Timber Creek is never responsible for damage to equipment caused by weather or wind.

CLEANING*: Done over the winter.  Due to the varying age and quality of canopy vinyl we do not guarantee vinyl wearing through or getting holes during the cleaning process.  *If you request canopy cleaning, you also authorize needed repairs found during the cleaning process to be made up to $150 in repairs.  We will contact you if anticipated cost is greater than $150.